Custom & Special Grooving Patterns

This shop is appropriately equipped with machinery for drilling, countersink and counter boring, thread cutting and grooving all standard or special oil groove configurations. Self lubricated and graphited bearings either plugged or grooved are available.

Grooving Chart

Standard Grooves | Oil & Grease
Groove Type Single Loop Figure Eight Straight & Circular Double Loop Double Figure Eight Half Figure Eight Straight Circular
single loop groove figure eight groove straight & circular groove double loop groove double figure eight groove half figure eight groove straight groove circular groove
Buckeye A D C B E F Straight Circular
Bunting 1 4 3 2 5 11 Straight Circular
Johnson A B C D E F G H
Randall A B Straight & Circle D E F G H

Double Loop and Double Figure Eight recommended for grease only.

Groove Type Serrated Multiple Circular Loop Plug Type Multiple Loops (7 or 8) Multiple Loops (3 or 4)
serrated groove multiple circular groove loop groove plug type multiple loops 7 or 8 groove multiple loops 3 or 4 groove
Buckeye S H K J G L
Bunting 7 9 5G 8 10 7A
Johnson KR L M P O N
Randall RG7 RG5 RG8 2-RG5 RG6