Machines & Equipment

At Advance Bronze, we are always looking at new equipment to keep us competitively priced by increasing efficiency in production as well as increasing capacities to be able to machine small to very large diameter pieces. Here are few examples of such recent purchases:

4-axis Lathe

LU300, 4-axis Lathe

This machine increased efficiency in ways such as:

  • Simultaneous 4-axis turning with 2 turrets improves productivity and reduces cycle time.
  • 20 tools on 2 turrets make permanent tooling possible and reduce set-up times.
  • One turret is equipped with a receiving shaft, tray, etc to receive the work piece on cutoff and carry it to the take off position with the rotation of the turret.

The quality of the product can also be improved in ways such as:

  • Work piece is supported by follow rest on one turret, making chatter-free turning of even long work pieces or long cantilever work pieces possible.
  • Simultaneous turning programs for facing of chamfering prevent burrs for improved part quality.
  • Balanced cutting from both turrets for chatter-free turning impossible with 2-axis cutting

vertical turret lathe

VL-125CM, VTL (vertical turret lathe)

Increased capacity capable of the following:

  • Max swing diameter: 63"
  • Max turning diameter: 63"
  • Max turning height: 50"
  • Table Diameter: 50"
  • Spindle Speed: 3-300 rpm
  • ATC: 16 Positions
  • Tool live spindle