advance bronze incorporated

Along with offering years of experience producing centrifugal castings in our on-site foundry in most castable bronze alloys, one of our biggest assets is that we provide quick service for your requirements in the event of a breakdown. We have provided this special service, in specific instances, within hours of receiving the order. Learn More »

bronze bushings

Custom & Special Groove Patterns

Systematic and careful inspection procedures assure that our centrifugal or continuous cast bronze products are shipped to meet the highest standards for material and workmanship.

Complete chemical analysis and physical test reports can be furnished when required.

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With new regulations set to take effect in January of 2014 regarding lead limitations in potable water systems, we can offer lead free alternative grades to replace existing components which may contain more lead than is allowed by the new regulations. See the top of our alloy charts for lead free grades and their typical chemical and mechanical properties.

Your Single Supply Source

Our modern foundry and CNC turning and milling equipment gives us the ability to efficiently produce almost any size or shape economically and promptly. Orders are produced to your exact individual requirements and specifications. We specialize in centrifugal castings for extremely uniform, fine-grained microstructure. Castings are available in most commercially available alloys. Whether it's plain bearings, flanged bushings, self-lubricated bearings or other bronze applications, we can meet your needs. Learn More