While maintaining current ownership since 1969 our company has grown from 12 employees to more than 65 presently. Our initial sole product was hydraulic cylinder wear rings. Now numerous industries and product lines are currently under production.

Some of those industries served include:



Oil & Gas


Machinery Repair

Marine & Sea Water Applications

Along with offering years of experience producing centrifugal castings in our on-site foundry in most castable bronze alloys, one of our biggest assets is that we can provide quick service and turn around for your requirements in the event of a breakdown. We have provided this special service, in specific instances, within hours of receiving an order. From supplying semi-finished machined bars to finished bearings and plates machined to close tolerances, in single units or production runs, Advance Bronze Inc is ready to meet your bronze requirements. Specializing in centrifugal castings our modern foundry and CNC turning/milling equipment gives us the ability to efficiently produce almost any size or shape economically and promptly. Orders are produced to your exact and individual requirements and specifications.