Machining Capabilities

Here at Advance Bronze Inc. We are always seeking to newly improve and upgrade our machining capabilities with the latest technology. With over 20 computer numerical controlled machines (CNC) and over 20 manual machines including turret lathes, vertical mills, horizontal mills our capabilities are endless. These capabilities allow us to supply parts to our customers from 1″- 100″ in diameter and lengths up to 60″. Bushings, washers, spacers, seal rings, wear plates, liners, and gibs are economically cast from a fraction of an inch to several inches thick and are machined to specific shapes and sizes holding tolerances as close as .001″ of an inch.


This shop is appropriately equipped with machinery for drilling, countersink and counter boring, thread cutting and grooving all standard or special oil groove configurations. Self lubricated and graphited bearings either plugged or grooved are available.

Grooving Chart:

Standard Grooves | Oil & Grease

Groove TypeSingle LoopFigure EightStraight & CircularDouble LoopDouble Figure EightHalf Figure EightStraightCircular
Single LoopFigure EightStraight & CircularDouble LoopDouble Figure EightHalf Figure EightStraightCircular
RandallABStraight & CircleDEFGH
Double Loop and Double Figure Eight recommended for grease only.

Standard Grooves | Oil & Grease

Groove TypeSerratedMultiple CircularLoopPlug TypeMultiple Loops
(7 or 8)
Multiple Loops
(3 or 4)
SerratedMultiple CircularLoopPlug TypeMultiple LoopsMultiple Loops

Machine List:

Most of our CNC lathes are considered multi-tasking centers with simultaneous 4-axis turning using both turrets at the same time to reduce cycle time in improve productivity. Our machines have an added C-axis and Y-axis to include mill features such as holes, grooves, drilled and tapped holes, and slots. This reduces multiple setups and increases our efficiency.

Okuma CNC

(mutli-tasking machines with the ability to turn and mill in multiple axis)

This machine increased efficiency in ways such as:

  • Simultaneous 4-axis turning with 2 turrets improves productivity and reduces cycle time.
  • 20 tools on 2 turrets make permanent tooling possible and reduce set-up times.
  • One turret is equipped with a receiving shaft, tray, etc to receive the work piece on cutoff and carry it to the take off position with the rotation of the turret.

The quality of the product can also be improved in ways such as:

  • Work piece is supported by follow rest on one turret, making chatter-free turning of even long work pieces or long cantilever work pieces possible.
  • Simultaneous turning programs for facing of chamfering prevent burrs for improved part quality.
  • Balanced cutting from both turrets for chatter-free turning impossible with 2-axis cutting.


(vertical turret lathe)

Increased capacity capable of the following:


(vetrtical mills with 4th axis abilities)


(high speed vertical mills)